To celebrate getting in the Gashapon i have a sale going on on mystery singles! If you buy 3 you will het 1 free spin! And if you find the capsule with the dot in it you win a full set! Advent calendar pre orders are now live as well!


Hiyaa everyone welcome in my shop!! I make handmade dice and you can find and buy them here! I hope you like them and they make the goblin/dragon in you happy! ^^

I bought a single D8, it came quick and looks cool and sturdy! I like
the quality and the colors. I bought one that looks very solid, and it
came out looking even cooler than I imaged! Will definitely keep an eye
on this dicemaker to get more!

The dice arrived super fast and they look SO pretty! The edges are super
sharp and the colors look gorgeous! Super happy with them, and I’m sure
they’re going to give me great rolls!!! 11/10 recommended!~ 💕

I absolutely LOVE my chicken die! It was bigger than I expected, and has a great weight to it!